Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Antiqued" lined paper & Stationery

Here's a digitally distressed, or
"antiqued" sheet of lined paper I made:

After completing my paper, I combined it
with 2 borders.  I think they'd make beautiful
stationery or journal pages...

 Spring Blossoms

Blue Floral

 ...or maybe they'd be a pretty
place for your Spring-cleaning "to-do" lists?

Here are my sources for the
"antiqued" lined paper:

*Shadowhouse Creations*
Softy aged sepia texture

*Altered Bits*
Grungy texture

Here are my sources, including those
mentioned above, for "Spring Blossoms"
and "Blue Floral:"

*Vintage Images*

*bumble button*
(I've used this graphic before... here)

These images are free
for your personal use ~ Enjoy!

I hope you can also use these images in your
own creations!  If you do, please leave a comment, as
I'd love to hear about it or see it ~ Thanks!


  1. Lovely and romantic pahes. Great job!!

  2. I love the look of your digitally distressed paper, and the borders are gorgeous. I've pinned it to try later, and will let you know when I do. Thank you for sharing your sources...

    1. Thanks Geneva! Here's another site you may want to check out for free paper/grungy textures:

      The site is very easy to use, just click on categories to the right for all kinds of free textures...

  3. Thanks for sharing, I love these!!

  4. Oooh...these are so pretty, Megan!!

  5. Thank you for sharing. Love your distressed paper!

  6. Thank you so much for the great freebies!!!

  7. oooh I used this as a background for my doodle. It's lovely paper, thanks <3
    Hope you don't mind (:
    here's the link:

  8. obrigada anjinho ameiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Raquel Brazil

  9. Your blog is awesome, thank you :)

  10. Newbie in the world of clip art. This antiqued paper is the perfect solution for journalling spots in projects - thank you!

  11. Hello, there! I was searching for some artwork and stumbled across your wonderful website! Currently, I am designing a concert poster for an outreach that my church will be putting on the eastern area of Washington state during the summer as a part of a mission trip. I was hoping that it might be okay if I used one of these papers as a part of the background of this poster? It would be promoting an event that is 100% free. Thank you! --Katie from Calvary Chapel Eastside

    1. Hi Katie! Yes, absolutely you may use whatever you need for your poster!

  12. These are amazing! Thank you so much.


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