Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Christmas Memories

"Each Christmas
finds me longing for
Christmases now past.
And I am back in
childhood - as long as
memories last."
Carice Williams

Do you save the ends from refrigerated cinnamon roll cans? I'd always thought they'd be good for some sort of crafting, and last year used them for stamping. Right now, I'm making them into ornaments. For this one, I used one of the smaller round images, a paper doily, clear glitter, and yarn around the outside.

The sweet Victorian illustration was from one of my books. You can see the entire image here. I also used an endpaper texture. The only other images used were free elements, available on Canva.

I don't like to waste space, so filled up some of the empty spots with rectangular labels and tags, as well as pretty medallions and lace...

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Glimpse of Happiness

"I caught a glimpse of happiness,
and saw it was a bird on a branch,
fixing to take wing."

Richard Peck

I used a bird illustration found in a book:
published in 1913. I imagine it perching
briefly, preparing to fly off again.

Typewriter font messages were added to some,
and some were kept blank. I like having the
option to write in another message or a name,
if using as a gift tag. They turned out nicely
as rustic mason jar ring Christmas ornaments.

Hope you're all staying well & staying warm!
It's definitely getting colder here in Ohio.
There was a dusting of snow the day after
Thanksgiving, which made it feel like
A final thought...

"The moments of happiness
we enjoy take us by surprise.
It is not that we seize them,
but that they seize us."

Ashley Montagu

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving poem

I recently found a shortened version of this poem in one of my antique Readers (see page 94). A few of the lines were familiar, but I really enjoyed finding and reading through the original poem, and thought others might as well. The sleigh image was scanned from my book, and the paper texture I used can be found at The Old Design Shop.

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Happy Thanksgiving!