Thursday, May 21, 2015

Filled With Possibility

"Aaah, summer - that long anticipated
stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of
responsibility and rife with possibility..."

~ Darell Hammond ~

"Time to rise and shine and get ready for school you two!" My son popped right out of bed, while my daughter needed a little more encouragement. Without opening her eyes, she groaned, "How many more days?" I said, "Oh, summer will be here soon enough." I then kissed her forehead, and lovingly whisked away the covers. They went through the routine of eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing hair and teeth. My son was excited about going to the zoo, and produced a zoo-themed art project to praise. My daughter reminisced about her own 1st grade zoo trip and summed it up with, "You're pretty much gonna love it." We prayed together, then they ran to the end of our driveway to chat and wait. I poured a cup of coffee and heard the bus slow and stop. I waved and they waved back as I lost sight of them down the road.

Where just minutes before there was hustle and bustle, now there was only silence. I looked down and noticed the wisps of steam rolling off my coffee. I admired them while appreciating how the pretty blue and white mug warmed my hands. Glancing out front at the garden, I noticed more purple blooms than yesterday, as well as more green. Note to self: pick flowers and pull weeds... after finishing coffee.

This morning routine will only last for a few more days, then we'll be on to summer vacation. I'm relieved. Although I appreciate the quiet and regained sense of independence when they're in school, it'll be nice to have the kids back home in the nest. There's another kind of freedom and peace in that. Most days we'll have nowhere to be. When we stay home, we'll have a picnic lunch or go for a nature hike in the woods. We might take a bouquet of flowers to the neighbors and return with a bag of green beans or a carton of eggs. Other days, we'll go swimming with friends, go to a 4-H meeting, or a learning activity at the library.

Aaah, summer - that season when I am reminded of the younger years: younger kids, a younger me. It'll be good to slow down and savor these: the long, lazy days, childhood, and motherhood. All filled with possibility.