Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vintage Matching Game ~ Free Printable

Do you remember playing matching card
games as a kid?  I decided to make a vintage version, to play with my two.  All you have to do is print 2 pages with the images below, cut them out, and find a kid of your own who'll play this game with you!

If you're unfamiliar with this card game,
here are some simple playing guidelines:  

Place the cards in 3 or 4 rows, face up.
Look at them and try to memorize where they are.  Flip the cards over, then take turns trying to match them.  The player with the most pairs wins.

My 7 year old daughter played this with me a few days ago.  Before we started, I asked her to tell me about the pictures.  She recognized a few things, but thought most looked funny.  We talked about how people lived differently long ago... and thought about some of the modern conveniences we take for-granted.  Came upstairs tonight to find her teaching my 5 year old son how to play.  They were entertained while I made supper!

All of the vintage illustrations used in this project came from The Graphics Fairy... Thank you!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

French Perfume Label ~ project & printable

I've been thinking up ideas for Christmas
projects.  After sharing one of my ideas, Mom
said I could have a simple glass canister that
she never used anymore...

 First, I designed a label using 3 images from The Graphics Fairy...
I printed my labels onto cardstock & cut them out.
Look below for your free printable labels!

Next, I used slightly watered down white glue
to make an imperfect outline of the beautiful
scrolling border, and dusted with gold glitter.

Using the same glue (you could use
Mod podge, or whatever you like) I centered
and glued the label onto the clean canister. 

Haven't done this yet, but... I plan on spraying
clear acrylic sealer over the label, to protect it
from water damage, etc.

 Originally, the lid had a very country look ~ with a
large, rusty star and wooden spool on top.  Luckily, all I had
to do was take out the screw that held them in place, and
they were gone.  Instant transformation!

I think this makes a very pretty oversized vase.
At the moment, it looks great in my kitchen with
a candle inside... I also think it would make
a sweet gift filled with goodies at Christmas... 
love all the possibilities!

Please enjoy, free for personal use ~ thanks!
If you create something with these labels,
please let me know ~ I'd love to hear about it!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn's Crowning Glory

"In the garden, Autumn is, indeed
the crowning glory of the year,
bringing us the fruition of months
of thought and care and toil."

~ Rose G. Kingsley ~

In my garden, pink cosmos, burnt orange
mums, and 'Autumn Joy' sedum are blooming.
Our crabapple is loaded with red berries... the birds
will be happy long into winter.  My husband's tomatoes
and peppers are still producing, but everything's
winding down.  Today, I'll be planting daffodils with
my son, in preparation for the coming gardening year.
Nothing like enjoying Autumn in the garden,
while thinking ahead to Spring!

"And at no season, save perhaps
at Daffodil time, do we get such
superb color effects as from
August to November."
~ Rose G. Kingsley ~

Here are the free graphics

sources used in my artwork:

  *Antique Images*

Handwritten Poetry
 Grungy Wallpaper texture

*Vintage Images*
Catherine Klein pansies
Catherine Klein yellow roses

*The Graphics Fairy*
Round frame

*Just Something I Made*
1891 book cover

*Lilac & Lavender*
Blank postcard

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Victorian Sisters ~ 1903 Ephemera

"A sister can be seen as someone
who is both ourselves and very much not
ourselves - a special kind of double."

~ Toni Morrison ~

I've been wanting to share these Victorian sisters with you, but they needed a makeover first.  Looking below at the "before & afters," you might notice a problem for both was their eyes.  Somehow, the printing wasn't lined up.  The sister wearing red also had suffered some water damage, right down the middle of her face.  It took quite a bit of playing around to get the "after" result, but it was worth it.  It's rewarding to reveal their intended beauty!

I used one of my pretty digital papers 
for the "before & after" background.

Here are their close-ups! 

The image below is what's found
on the reverse side of Columbia's Daughters.
Here's a tinted version also.

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