Thursday, June 7, 2012

Honey Spice Cake & Caramel Icing

"The bee is more honored
than other animals,
not because she labors,
 but because she labors
for others."

~ Saint John Chrysostom ~

Hello again!  Not long ago, I shared a story about
a few recipes given to me by my neighbor, Glenna...
well, here is another one of those vintage recipes!

I would've just scanned the original card and embellished it
with honey bees, but as I was making this recipe myself the
other day, I realized there was something kind of important
missing from the ingredient list.  Can you see what I mean?

(Click on the recipes to enlarge)

  No measurement for flour... and I already had
everything else mixed up.  That, my friends, is why it pays
to read the entire recipe through... beforehand!  So I was
not going to let a full cup of honey go to waste, let alone
the other ingredients.  I added one and a half cups flour first.
The batter seemed too thin... so I added another
half a cup for 2 cups...

It worked!

I chose to make cupcakes ~ here's how they turned out.
(By the way, I wish you could've smelled my kitchen!)

The last thing it says on the card is...
Honey cake does not need much frosting -
a thin layer of caramel icing is best.

Here's the original recipe for Caramel icing:

and here's my version:

If you make either recipe,
let me know how they turn out!
Thanks so much for stopping by...
have a sweet day!


  1. Hold da op, hvor ser det dejligt ud, jeg elsker honningkager, især dem man kalder honningbomber. knus morkaren.

  2. AnonymousJune 07, 2012

    I pinned your tasting sounding cake to my Bee's Knees board. I have honey bees and am always looking for yummy honey recipes! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for pinning :) This is a great recipe... I wonder what it would taste like with a specialty honey... thank you for being a beekeeper!! I enjoy watching them visiting my gardens, and my husband, his fields :)

  3. Oh my this has my mouth watering!!! I've made spice cake with caramel frosting in the past, but never a Honey Spice.. I will have to try this.. my hubby loves honey. He always uses it in his tea instead of sugar (or like me sugar substitute), and add it to his cooked oatmeal. He'll LOVE this. I may have to bake this soon. I laughed when I saw that you didn't have a measurement for flour. We get pretty used to exact grandmother probably did more of her cooking by guess work and she was a FANTASTIC cook..known especially for her cakes and cooked frosting (I don't know if I could eat those sweet sweet concotions anymore!), her cooked fudge, and her raised and deep fried doughnuts. Not only did she eat those goodies.. she lived to be 94!!! Who says sugar can kill you?????? Thanks again for sharing.

    1. I probably wouldn't have given this recipe a try, or at least not until later, had I noticed the missing flour measurement... but I admit, it felt good to be relying solely on the batter "looking right"... I would've loved to try some of your grandmother's baking (your list is making my mouth water) ~ and living to 94? Sounds like she knew what she was doing!!

  4. This blog post peaked the interest of my sweet tooth!

  5. Oh...this looks lovely! I have been wanting something new to bake over the weekend - this just might fit the bill - thanks for sharing!!

    1. I hope you like how they turn out :)

  6. I love honey bees. It is my dream to one day keep a hive of my own. My maternal grandfather was a baker and a bee keeper. I'm not much of a baker, so maybe I will do okay at the latter.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Teresa :) My husband is a beekeeper... He worked with them at a greenhouse as a teen, and always wanted to try raising them himself. We never used to have honey bees visiting our garden/farm until he brought them around... it's nice to have them :) If my husband can do it, you can too!! Good luck :)

  7. This looks soooo good. I wanted to bake one today, but alas I'm short on honey. I will certainly try this out when I get a new jar.

    1. Yep, I bought quite a large jar of honey when I was thinking about making this... but it was worth it :)

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Katharine ~ they do, don't they? I promise they smell and taste even better ;)

  9. Can't wait to try it! really enjoyed this post and your personal touch!

  10. Just thought I should add... for Christmas, I printed out copies of both recipes for Glenna, and added a jar of our honey (my husband keeps bees on our farm). She loved it :)

  11. I made these today to go along with a honey/bee preschool unit. My neighbor teenage girl helped bake them. We used coconut oil instead of shortening and they were absolutely delicious. We also used your version of the carmel icing. I may have put too much icing on each cake, but I don't think anyone would have complained. Thank you for sharing. We are Orthodox Christians so I even included the St. John Chrysostom quote on our chalkboard drawing.

    1. Wow, Arlie! Thank you for letting me know you made these ~ and for a honey/bee preschool unit? Such a great idea! I've never used coconut oil, but am hearing more and more about it ~ so eventually I'll give it a try :) I'm also glad you were able to incorporate the quote. Awesome!

  12. Hi! I love the recipe card that the Honey Spice Cake is on. I love the bees! I tried to copy and paste so I could frame it but it wouldn't let me. Can you tell me what site you found it on? Maybe I could copy and paste from that site? Thank you so much!!!

  13. I love the look of the card this recipe is on! Did you somehow make this cute card or did you find it on the internet? I have searched for this type of recipe card to print out but my search didn't find anything. Any help you can give me will be much appreciated! Thank you so much!


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