Monday, February 24, 2014

A Garden of Roses

"A garden of roses is
a fragrant piece of heaven."

~ Matthew A. R. Bassity ~

Here are the free graphics
& sources used in my artwork:


Polka dot scrapbook paper

*Lilac & Lavender*
"Antiqued" lined paper
Rose postcard

Sheet music cover "Because"
Post card with scalloped border
is from my personal collection.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vintage Gemstone Clip Art

"These gems have life in them:
their colors speak,
say what words fail of."

~ George Eliot ~

These vintage gems are ready to be
used in your artwork! The first 3 images
are in their original color. The others were
altered, but not to be the color of any
particular gemstone. They all have a
transparent background.

I found the original gems
on birthday postcards:

November ~ topaz
April ~ diamond
February ~ amethyst

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1902 Music & Pink Roses


Because you come to me with naught save love,
And hold my hand and lift mine eyes above,
A wider world of hope and joy I see,
Because you come to me.

Because you speak to me in accents sweet,
I find the roses waking round my feet,
And I am led through tears and joy to thee,
Because you speak to me.

Because God made thee mine, I'll cherish thee,
Through light and darkness, through all time to be,
And pray His love may make our love divine,
Because God made thee mine.

~ Edward Teschemacher ~

The "Because" sheet music title page (copyright 1902)
as well as rose postcard are images from my personal
collection of ephemera.  Feel free to incorporate them
into your artwork!

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