Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Sleigh Bells

'Tis merry to hear, at evening time,
By the blazing hearth, the sleigh bells chime;
To know the bounding steeds bring near
The loved one to our bosom dear...

~ Susanna Moodie ~

This Victorian image depicting
a sleigh ride made for some lovely
wintry stationery ~ enjoy!

Here are the free graphics
& sources
 used in my artwork:

Victorian sleigh ride

*Boston Public Library on Flickr*
Cigarette trade card (back, frame)

*Old Design Shop*
Aged paper texture

*Lilac & Lavender*
"Antiqued" lined paper

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Birds' Christmas Tree

I designed most of the images to be cut out together (as seen below)
then folded and glued (I used a glue stick).  Sit under a heavy object for at
least 10 minutes to prevent the paper from curling.

It's sweet to think of others this time of year... 
including the local birds!  We like to put out extra birdseed
 and hang suet cakes in our crabapple tree.  It's fun to watch
 them fluttering and hopping about... and it feels good
 knowing we've helped provide a meal for them.

Here's my gift idea ~ if you're already putting together
a gift basket for a gardener, or just looking for a simple
gift for teachers, etc.... buy a few suet cakes at the store
(or make homemade bird tree ornaments with your
 kids) place in a brown paper bag, fold down the top
and punch 2 holes.  Weave jute or ribbon through,
and add one of these cards or tags ~ done! 

Here are the free
graphics & sources

Postcard image ~ robins

*The Feathered Nest*
"The Birds' Christmas Tree" poem

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Monday, December 2, 2013

In a Winter-Wonderland

"Now we don hats and mittens;
take our loved ones by the hand,
as we all become children in
a winter-wonderland."

Janet Martin ~

3.5 inch round graphic
and printable with 6 (below).

Snowflakes are from this free font.

3x5 inch, postcard-size graphic
and 8.5x11 printable stationery, etc.

Tag with little girl on sled,
and printable sheet of 6 tags in 2 sizes:

 Original, unaltered Christmas postcard from my collection:

"Childhood Winters"

I sit and watch the white snow
Piled up outside my window.
And I see in my memory
Red mittened hands and rosy cheeks
Of the child of long ago.
Building snowmen and laughing
Against the wind.
Such simple pleasures
For a child to enjoy
Making snow her winter toy...

~ Rasma Raisters ~

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