Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Birds' Christmas Tree

I designed most of the images to be cut out together (as seen below)
then folded and glued (I used a glue stick).  Sit under a heavy object for at
least 10 minutes to prevent the paper from curling.

It's sweet to think of others this time of year... 
including the local birds!  We like to put out extra birdseed
 and hang suet cakes in our crabapple tree.  It's fun to watch
 them fluttering and hopping about... and it feels good
 knowing we've helped provide a meal for them.

Here's my gift idea ~ if you're already putting together
a gift basket for a gardener, or just looking for a simple
gift for teachers, etc.... buy a few suet cakes at the store
(or make homemade bird tree ornaments with your
 kids) place in a brown paper bag, fold down the top
and punch 2 holes.  Weave jute or ribbon through,
and add one of these cards or tags ~ done! 

Here are the free
graphics & sources

Postcard image ~ robins

*The Feathered Nest*
"The Birds' Christmas Tree" poem

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  1. So beautiful! thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, thank you! What a lovely gift idea; perfect for so many occasions, starting with the ladies' Christmas fellowship at church ;) Merry Christmas!

  3. Beautiful! Thank you, Megan. I love birds.

  4. Thank u. Such a wonderful bird tree.

  5. So sweet ! many thanks !

  6. Love these! Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  7. Oh, I love this. Thanks so much, Megan. :)

  8. Oh these are just so wonderful. Thank you so much Megan for creating them and sharing them. Love the birds too and feeding them. Great gift idea too. Thank you.

  9. How adorable, Megan! Like so many other people, I love birds and save every vintage depiction of them that I find. And the accompanying poem is also sweet and perfect for the graphic.: ) Thank you so much! xoxo

  10. Thank you so much for these adorable images , they are really beautiful.
    You are so generous to share with us!

  11. Hello Megan! I was looking for a particular clipart when I came across your lovely blog today. Wow...I'm in love with your graphics and what you are creating!! I couldn't find a way to do a particular word search for the item I'm looking for so thought I would just ask (to save me some time).
    I will be selling lavender sachets in the booth that my daughter and I will soon be opening and am looking for a graphic depicting some type of vintage lavender illustration to use as a lovely seal. Can you lead me in the right direction?
    I look forward to following your blog and perusing all the lovely things that you create. You have a wonderful talent and how gracious of you to share with us! Thank you.

  12. Obrigada por fazer parte da minha vida este ano, me incentivando, me colocando pra cima, me inspirando.
    Sua presença em meu blog teve um significado muito especial.
    Desculpe o recadinho, mesmo copiando e colando pois o tempo está curtinho, coloquei meu carinho, minha gratidão, minha amizade.
    Feliz Natal.

  13. Thanks, Megan. I always love your wonderful creations!

  14. Thank you for sharing these wonderful graphics. I will be attaching the story to my bird-loving brother's Christmas gift.


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