Terms & Conditions

I appreciate your interest in the use of my images!
Please take a moment to read. I hope you will find
these guidelines helpful:

Please do use my digital artwork/images
in your creative endeavors for PERSONAL USE.
For example: you could use my "gift tags" to price items
you're selling, or on a card you're making,
or as a bookmark, etc.

You may FEATURE my digital artwork/images on your website,
provided there's a link back to the original post(s) or my blog.

You may NOT 
sell my digital artwork/images in DIGITAL FORMAT.
In other words, you may NOT sell my images in any way
as digital files, such as .jpg or .png

You may NOT sell PRINTED sheets of my digital artwork
as they appear on my blog. My "printables" and "freebies"
are not intended to be printed and sold as-is. Doing this cheats
me as copyright holder and the potential customer.

My original artwork is NOT in the public domain.
I, Megan Berry, maintain copyright on all artwork and image files shared digitally on this blog.  Saving an image to a computer
or device does not transfer ownership. I've spent countless hours
restoring, renewing, and sharing. If you haven't worked hard
to make it, please do not share or sell as if you did.

If you'd like to inquire about using my digital artwork/images
for use in a tangible product for commercial use (CU),
please contact me via: blog comment,
Lilac & Lavender's Facebook page,
or e-mail.

I hope these revised guidelines will clarify some
issues that have come up. Thank you for respecting my wishes,
and those of my fellow artists! If you have any questions,
please see the above contact info.

About the free graphics I use:

 I try to use free graphics in my artwork which I believe to be 
in the public domain, or free to use.  If I use a graphic and think there's
a possibility it could still be under copyright, 
I'll let you know
(suggested personal use only).  Also, if there are 
any graphics here
you suspect might be under copyright, 
that aren't listed as such,
please let me know! Thanks!

(Updated 3/25/2015)

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