Monday, April 27, 2015

Gifts of Spring

"The arms of May are flower filled
With blossoms April showers spilled.
Bright, rainbow-colored gifts of spring
Arrived at her awakening."

~ Nora M. Bozeman ~

Here are the free graphics
& sources
used in my artwork:

*The Graphics Fairy*
French lace label
Vintage French roses
French chocolate advert
Back of an old photograph

Pink roses
Light pink phlox
Basket of daffodils

*The Old Design Shop*
French receipt
White & yellow daisies

*Vintage Holiday Crafts*
White cosmos

*Little Birdie Blessings*

*Free Vintage Digital Stamps*
Polka dot scrapbook paper

*Digital Two for Tuesday*
Endpaper pattern

*Boston Public Library*
Chocolate trade card

The daffodils and crabapple trees are
blooming... it's good to see vivid greens
and bright blossoms again.
Love this time of year!

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