Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Sketches

 Fall is officially here in Ohio!

The weather is cooler and leaves are changing... and the sun is shining! 
Before long farmers will be in the fields reaping the harvest 
and families will be picking out pumpkins to carve...

Here's a sketch I did Wednesday evening in the spirit of the season...

...and here it is after I added watercolors this morning.

Much better!

Here's my work-in-progress...

I envisioned this as a home added on to over time.  
The Saltbox could've been built in the 1800's, 
but the front porch added some time in the Victorian era.
I'm happy with the house itself, but now I think it needs something going on it the background... or does it?  What are your thoughts?

I had to share this pencil drawing by my daughter 
for her Kindergarten teacher.
She brought the drawing up to me and asked,
"Can you just help me write the words?" 
So we sat down together, and she carefully wrote every letter, 
and then gave them extra beauty with curls or feathers.
It took awhile to finish it ~ but she was so proud 
to give this drawing to her teacher!

I know that was a lot, but it's been a busy week!
Happy PPF!


  1. I know who is going to be the teacher's pet, so sweet!

    Very nice sketches, I don't know, maybe some greenery? It looks beautiful as it is though, depending on the look you want.

  2. It looks like a fun busy week, and I see another artist in bud:)) So sweet. One for the archives, mommy. Your sketches are such a pleasure to see. Me, being partial to willow trees, and trees in general, sees a tree behind the house??? Of course, critiquing art is not my forte`...I just enjoy and o-o-oh and a-h-h-h...

  3. Christine and Janet ~ thank you for your kind words and insight!

    Yes, I see Olivia's talent already... she has such a desire to paint and draw, and just be creative :) Love it!

    I've been thinking about adding a few trees nearby or a treeline slightly off in the distance, a barn... but then I kind of like the simple look of it now as well, so...

    Decisions, decisions!

  4. Also ~ I'm currently adding watercolors to my sketches (except the house), and will change the post around in a short while...

  5. Lovely sketches ~ Love your daughters art work! ~Happy PPF ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ (Share the Creative Journey)

  6. ooo I love these sketches. I wish I had that delicate look in my work.. but my style seems to always override it.

  7. Great sketches and your daughter's drawing is very nice.

  8. What fun...Fall Fantastic! Love the sketches and your Daughter's drawing is adorable! What a special gift! POP ART MINIS

  9. Your pumpkin is fabulous! So is your house. I think trees in the background is a good idea. And last but not least is your daughter's wonderful drawing! I say, frame it! :-) Happy PPF!

  10. I just love your delicate drawings, and your lettering is beautiful.

  11. Beautiful drawings, all of them, and your little daughter seems to have inherited the talent from her Mom! Valerie

  12. Love your sketches and Olivia is just a darling. :)

  13. Great autumn sketches...including your daughter's! :)

    Happy PPF!!
    Mary C. Nasser Art Blog

  14. Your sketches are fabulous. And so is your daughters.. Too cute!!

  15. wonderful sketches - i think the house looks very good

    thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!


  16. I love your work!!!! these are so perfect for this wonderful Season we call Autumn!!!

    Come share something sweet today! Sweet Saturdays over at my blog...

  17. I love the jackolantern and the house is wonderful, too. The picture by your daughter is so special and sweet!

  18. How cute is that love note! I'm sure the teacher will cherish it! Patsy from

  19. Wonderful pumpkin and card! And your daughter's sketch is great.

  20. Beautiful sketches for a beautiful season!!! I love your daughter's work too. Her teacher will cherish it, sooooo sweet! Deb

  21. This is so wonderful! It's exactly the kind of art I want to try for awhile to get away from my falling ladies for a bit but I have such trouble with it and leaving white, these are just lovely!

  22. I love the drawings ...wonderful ! your little ones picture is very good also ! very talented like her mum

    - KAT -


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