Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Blessings

Autumn winds distinctly change from summertime haze.
Bountiful meals are shared with loved ones in a spirit of thanksgiving.
Captivating drives through the countryside ~ leading nowhere but back home.
Delight in young and old visiting the local county Fair.
Embers glowing in the fireplace.
Five little pumpkins sittin' on the gate ~ first one says, "Oh my, it's getting late!"
Gently lifting fog on a frosty November morning.
Harvest moon rising over a field of gold.
Inspiration to bake homemade apple pies, cookies, and cakes.
Juicy, tart & sweet apples gathered from the local orchard.
Kindness of a neighbor, lending a hand.
Light fading as the sun sets in a red October sky.
Music of an autumn evening.
Nimble red foxes and whitetail deer frolicking through field and wood.
Orange glow from a crooked, nearly toothless jack-o-lantern's smile.
Princesses, farmers, and others knocking on doors ~ announcing, 'Trick or Treat!'
Quiet leaves falling as you stand there with arms outstretched, looking up.
Remembrances of loved ones and traditions happily savored together.
Spiced pumpkin and apple pies, apple cider, and steaming hot coffee.
Toasted pumpkin seeds from hallowed out pumpkins.
Umbrellas, mittens and scarves by the door ~ just in case.
Vibrant scarlet, burnt orange and sienna, yellow ochres, and fading greens.
Woodsy, spicy scents permeating the air.
X-tra layers on bundled up children (of all ages) playing in piles of leaves.
Yeild from heavy-laden fields of corn and soybeans.
Zippers zipped to ward off blustery winds as autumn fades... winter approaches.



  1. I was inspired to come up with my list by seeing this post on the blog 'It's a Beautiful Life'...

  2. Okay, I will try this again. The internet seems to be working today:) The boys I babysit are busy building a ship/train out of old boxes, duct tape, old canning lids,paper towel rolls...:)

    I find this poem absolutely sense-ational! What a delicious treat to the senses. In each line I feel a poem or a painting! Colors like sienna, burnt orange, I smell cinnamon and frost-tinged breezes,...This is one of my favorites here. I will return for inspiration.
    Thank-you. I suddenly feel like a cup of tea:)
    Hugs and blessings to you, my friend.

  3. p.s. Is that red barn your photo? Love~

  4. Thank you so much Janet! I thought I'd try the 'ABC' list/poem I remembered from school. It actually was a lot of fun :)

    The barn isn't my photo ~ gorgeous though, isn't it? I found it on (if you click on the picture it takes you to the original photo). I added a slight 'cartoon' effect in photoshop, which darkens details (same effect I used in the Robert Frost, Nothing Gold Can Stay post)

    Sounds like you & the little ones are having a great time! Hope the weather is nice up north :) Blessings to you!


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.”

~ Mother Teresa