Monday, June 4, 2012

Box of Treasures

My children and I stopped by
for a visit with our neighbors,
and came home with
a box of treasures...

I was thinking we should stop by and visit our neighbors,
 and then as we drove by their home, Glenna happened to be
 out in the garden... smiling and waving at us.

It was my sign to take the kids down for a visit!

We walked down the strip of grass between the pasture and road connecting our properties, and soon had dogs barking at us... Glenna was back outside, smiling and ready to give out hugs!  We sat on a front porch glider and talked as my kids played with their dogs...

 Inevitably, the kids (and dogs!) were thirsty, so we made our way inside to the big farmhouse kitchen.  Olivia motioned to a small cardboard box, and Glenna told her it was full of old recipes.  

She looked at me and asked, "Do you want them?  I was going
to bring them to you, but since you're here..."  She told me they were from one of her long time friends, and neither one had use for them.

As you can see, I happily accepted her offer!

Later, we said our goodbyes and walked back home... me with my treasures, and the kids with theirs (candy, of course!).  Once in the kitchen, I began sifting through the hundreds of recipes... a labor of love... much like the effort it took to create the cards in the first place. 

Most are typed, others hand-written.  In fact, mom says
the hand-written ones remind her of my grandma's handwriting... very pretty.

I've included 3 recipes in this post,
but anticipate sharing more soon.
For now, I'll leave you with...

 Here is the back...

I also scanned a plain lined recipe card,
and added aged, torn paper texture
I made with an image from

For fun, I added a collage I made a while back...
French script and white roses...

... and a yellow Catherine Klein rose.

Hope you enjoyed your visit here!
Have a great day!!


  1. What a sweet gift from a friend. I love trying receipes from old cards, you know they have been tried and true. My MIL left me a wooden box full years ago, think I'll go through them again today.

  2. That was a great visit!!:)There is nothing quite like old recipes...I have some too.Janet and I just were talking recently how often now we google to find a recipe,but it somehow isn't quite like an actual recipe...have a great day!!!Lucy.

  3. Thanks for sharing those precious recipes! Your roses look beautiful! Maybe some of those recipes can be put onto these cards!

  4. Thank you (and your friend!) For these delightful recipe cards.

  5. How great to get someones's favorite recipes. Thanks for the cards too.

  6. Vintage recipes...this post reminded me of finding my mamaw's old recipe book when we were packing up her things after her passing. Beautiful post Megan :-)

  7. Love the recipes!!! I can't wait to try the brown sugar pudding!!



  8. Love what you are making. Today I have come for a visit. I am going to put labels on everything in the craft & sewing room and kitchen. Your creations are the best so I'm sure I will find something. Thank you for sharing and I will be sure and link back to you. Much Love, Louise

  9. I love the rose recipe cards you made. Thanks so much for sharing, Megan! I have a recipe collection that I began when I was about 10-12 years old and am now 55. I have many hand-written recipes such as the cards you shared. I have some from my grandmother and from others. Those old recipes are treasures indeed!

  10. Glenna seems to have given those old recipes to the right person. How lovely that we get to see them too. I've been trying to scan old family slides and photos, but I better get to the recipe cards too. Thank you!!

  11. There is nothing like a handwritten recipe card don't you think? This was in an age where that is how we got the best of the best after trying it at a potluck or party. The person behind the handwriting leave their mark. Such a small thing but it makes us wonder by the slant, terminology and when they added their own notes it was even better. Love this.Please share more

  12. These are so beautiful! I treasure all my mother's and aunt's recipe cards, especially the ones in their handwriting.
    Thank you for sharing these pretty designs. :)


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