Monday, November 28, 2011

Gardener's Gift Baskets

 "The most noteworthy thing about gardeners is that 
they are always optimistic, always enterprising, and never satisfied.  They always look forward to doing something better than they have ever done before."

~ Vita Sackville-West ~

I love giving gift baskets ~ they're more than just pretty.  It takes time and effort to put one together.  It means a lot to your loved one that you thought about their interests and composed a special combination of gifts for them.  

Maybe you have a few garden enthusiasts on your list this year.  Regardless if they're novices or well-seasoned experts, you can create a special garden-themed gift basket for each to enjoy.

Step 1:  Begin personalizing your gift with the container.  A simple basket is a great start... with so many shapes and sizes out there, you should be able to find one fairly easily.  If you're feeling creative, here are a few ideas:
  1. Look around at a home improvement store.  A multipurpose container, such as a galvanized tub, is useful and comes in many sizes.  You might also look for a watering can, a large clay pot, or even a garden tool bag/tote.
  2. Visit a local antique or thrift store to search for unique containers that fit the theme... a vintage wooden toolbox or large enamelware bowl would look great!

Step 2:  Choose how you want to fill your basket... or container.   Always start by adding something like crumpled up paper or plastic bags to the base.  Doing this makes your items look better, and can save you money.  Next cover the base material with tissue paper, shredded paper or wood, raffia, burlap, or fabric.

Step 3:  The fun part... choose items to fill and truly personalize your gift!  Keep in mind, these are just a few ideas ~ look around for other really unique gifts...  You never know what you'll stumble upon at the local dollar, thrift, or antique store... even the grocery store!  Here's a few gardening-inspired suggestions to get you started:
  1. gloves
  2. twine
  3. plant markers
  4. garden tools
  5. assorted seed packets
  6. Spring bulbs
  7. flowers or a small plant
  8. journal
  9. book
  10. set of notecards
  11. vintage postcards
  12. small calendar
  13. gift card
  14. candle
  15. lotion
  16. botanical soaps
  17. herbal teas
  18. vintage teacup & saucer
  19. pretty mug
  20. decorative plate
  21. small jar honey or jam 
  22. chocolate...

Step 4:  Gather your purchases (or creations, if you're so inclined), the chosen container, and filler.  Remember to build up the base of your container with crumpled paper or plastic first.  Arrange items so you can see everything or almost everything in a pleasing way.

Step 5:  Finally, add finishing touches, such as... ribbon, vintage Christmas ornaments, sprigs of evergreen, berries, pinecones, or dried flowers such as hydrangeas or baby's breath.

This gift would work well, not only given at Christmastime, 
but at any time of the year.  Just tweak it to reflect the season or occasion.

I put together 2 example baskets for you 
with items I found around my home.  
The first one is pictured above. 

I realized I need some new gardening tools!  
Oh well, Christmas is coming, right? 

Hope you found this helpful!
Thanks for stopping by...
Merry Christmas!


  1. I'm glad I decided to 'peek' in here before starting to cook supper. You have inspired me immensely! Your baskets are stunning. Now I can dream up some very personal basket for some very special friends while I stir-fry some chicken breasts, cook rice and steam a California mix of veggies. Did I make you hungry?:))

    Thank-you so much!

  2. this is lovely,, really lovely, I would love to do something like this , thanks so much for this inspiration,

  3. your gift baskets are lovely!

  4. That is absolutely lovely, Meghan!!! I'd love to recieve one of those!!!!hint hint Janet . :) :)


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but their echoes are truly endless.”

~ Mother Teresa