Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sweet Girls & Dolls

  This morning my daughter skipped over and wanted her picture taken with her 'new' doll from grandma... how could I resist?

  She squeezed that little thing 'til I thought her stuffing would come out!  Olivia said, "I just love her so much!"  How many girls have shared in that experience?  We're born with a desire to care for others, and expressing that with a doll just seems to come so naturally.

Dolls come in a variety of packages... some handmade and well-worn with love, 
others expertly crafted in the finest of clothes...

... and they are all beautiful, in their own way.  I wonder what stories they would tell if they could speak...

Imagine many, many years ago sitting in a store display as a girl walks by only to see you... she presses her pretty little face against the glass as she struggles to get a closer look.  She has such a kind smile, and you hope she'll be yours...

Now imagine that little girl carefully penning her letter to Santa and asking, wishing... praying for that one special gift she saw in the display...

On Christmas morning you and your little girl are happily united! 

Such sweet thoughts...

Did you have a special doll growing up?  
I hope you'll take a moment 
to think sweet thoughts about her today...

"Yesterday brought the beginning, 
tomorrow brings the end,
and somewhere in the middle 
we became the best of friends."  

~ Author Unknown ~

Thanks for stopping by, and have a Sweet Saturday!

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  1. A perfect sweet Saturday share...dolls bring so much joy and teach us how to care!

  2. This just brings one of those 'a-w-w' sighs...I love it! I'll post a picture of mine. It suddenly reminded me of here stuck up high in my closet. We all got a 'last doll' when we were girls. I'll admit I was not a 'doll-playing girl like my sisters were. Being the third oldest in a family of 10 kids there was always a 'real doll' to hold:) My girls each had/have a special doll.

  3. this is such a sweet story! So glad your cute daughter is enjoying her doll! What a perfect gift from grandma.

  4. wonderful post about your little doll-baby and much loved dolls... I am having a cloth doll made by a blog friend and I will post all about her when I get it.

    Im so excited to see it she is called a "birth-mark doll she has a star on her cheek.

    - KAT -

  5. Janet ~ I saw your 'last doll' photo ~ very sweet tradition :) I also didn't realize you came from such a nice-sized family!! I used to get a Barbie every Christmas, and then one year mom asked if I wanted to get her anymore... and I said no. It felt strange and kind of sad not opening a Barbie on Christmas... but now I get to see my daughter open Barbies of her own and that childlike feeling at Christmas returns.

    My mom hasn't read this post yet, but she'll love it because she collects antique dolls :)

  6. Yes, I came from a large family, and I am also past the buying Barbies for Christmas is sort of sad. It was so easy then...

  7. Hello Megan!!!! this is such a super sweet post.....Your daughter is as sweet as can be...and how sweet that special doll from Grandma!!!

    I had many many dolls growing up....I still have a little wee raggedy anne doll that sits in my Studio....she is well worn and small....but even to this day she makes me smile when I see her.....

    funny how our dolls can mean so much.....

    you can have a look at her her

    Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

  8. What a sweet post!!!Me and my 2 younger sisters played alot with dolls.Now my 2 youngest daughters still like to play various forms of "doll".I think too it's so neat how God created girls to be nuturing.Have a wonderful week....

  9. Thank you Lucy ~ I'm sure it's sweet to see your daughters playing with their dolls :) ~ and yes, thank God for giving us that loving, nurturing spirit ~ where would our world be without it? Have a wonderful day :)


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.”

~ Mother Teresa