Friday, November 4, 2011

Printable gift tags

I've been looking for free images 
I could combine to create Christmas gift tags.  
There are so many beautiful graphics out there,
it can be hard to decide what to use!

Just click on the picture you want.
Next select 'view image.'
Click again to enlarge the picture.
Select 'save image as' to save to your computer.
The images should print out on a full page.
I found this Victorian Santa with little girl here
and the circular frame here.

I created this set of tags using a simple watercolor I painted. 
I like the slightly intertwined look of the branches.

I'll be posting more sets as I finish them.  
I printed these out on card stock, and plan on embellishing them 
with a little gold glitter and a gold leaf pen...
Hope everyone's having a great Friday!!

Happy PPF!


  1. The Santa and girl tags are so cute!!!!! they just make me sweet indeed!!! I love vintage images.....very sweet of you to share these with us!!!! I could see these hanging on tree branches too....with glitter!!!! and the frames are so neat too!!!!

    I am working on my front entrance Holiday urns....I am getting into the Holiday mood....and so is our son...this morning he asked me when we start decorating!!!! so cute!!!

  2. Thank you Diana!! You're right, the Santa & girl would make beautiful ornaments, especially with glitter added ~ silver or gold :)

    So sweet that your son is getting in the holiday mood along with you!!

  3. The twig tags are lovely. And so are the Santa and girl ones that you found.

  4. Hi
    I like your tags, a lot...i agree with diana, I can totally see them with glitter!
    I really enjoy the vintage apsect of them.
    I like the branch tag idea, too....
    have a great weekend!

  5. Tags are awesome ~ thanks ~ Wow! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF ^_^

  6. just gorgeous tags for the season!

  7. Thank you everyone :) Always happy to share good things with friends!

    Also ~ if you have any problems printing these out or have any questions ~ let me know...

  8. I was thinking along similar lines as mentioned, I have some cheapy red Christmas baubles and I am definitely going to enhance with that beautiful vintage image of the Santa & sweetheart girl, I love the branch framework too. well done & thank you!!! Happy PPF :)

  9. Thanks for sharing Megan! Both are perfect for the holidays! Happy PPF to you too!

  10. They do look amazing.. You did a great job of painting them... Happy PPF!!

  11. I just cut out the Santa & little girl tags out with a pair of scallop-edged scissors ~ and I'm very happy with the results :)

    Also... if you'd like to use these in a decoupaging project, first spray your printout with acrylic sealer so the ink doesn't smear. Probably a good idea to do that anyway, just to preserve them ~ especially if using as ornaments.


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