Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mason Jar clip art & Kids Printable

 There are 2 vintage images of Mason jars
offered on The Graphics Fairy's site.
 Here are the original versions:

I'd admired them many times, and so I
knew exactly where to look when I needed
a Mason jar graphic.  Only... I didn't realize
both versions had lids.
I had an idea for an art project for my kids,
and needed a canning jar graphic without a lid.
So, here's what I came up with:
Here's my art project idea:
It's very simple and open-ended,
which is good for encouraging a child's creativity.
I printed out the page below, gave it to my kids,
and asked what they would use to fill it.
My daughter said buttons and flowers,
and my son said fireflies... and of course those
would escape since there's no lid...
Oh well!
We're going to have fun with this today!

So... how would you use this Mason jar graphic?
I'd love to hear your ideas!

Thanks for stopping by,
and have a great day!


  1. Mason jars make me nostalgic because they bring back memories of childhood when my mother used to store a lot of food in them for the wintertime. She used to can green beans and cucumbers in them. I love these posts :)

    1. Mason jars are AMAZING! I use them for all sorts of things around the house... although, I've never actually done any canning with them... yet ;) Mom used to can salsa, green beans, and banana peppers. I remember the wonderful sights and smells that filled our kitchen... maybe I too will attempt canning one day!

  2. I used this graphic from Graphics Fairy as a tag for my daughter's gifts. I filled two mason jars with goodies, decorated the jars, printed the front and back of the graphic, glued them together and used as a gift tag.

    1. What a great idea to use both versions of her graphic as a front & back of a tag! Love it!!

  3. I have been visiting your blog for an hour of 2, reading, smiling, enjoying, admiring, loving. Thank you for sharing your creativity, your skills on the computer, your clip arts, your lovely stories about your day. Thank you so very much.
    kind regards,

    1. Aleida, thank you for taking time to let me know what I share has meant something to you :) It has really brightened my day!!

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for these lovely, free prinatables. I hope to use many of them for my Vintage Homemeade Vow Renewal. I happened upon your blog "by accident"...and found a very pleasant suprise. Your creativity is so very inspiring.

  5. I use them for my old jewelry and some earrings that I only have one of. Love to look at them. My grandmother had two jars of buttons and I still have one. A treasure to me!

  6. I love mason jars and remember seeing this particular one in Granny's pantry. I would like to say thank you. Thank you.


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