Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Beginnings & Ever Afters...

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things, 
hope, a dream of possibilities."

June 16th, 1985 was Father's Day... 
and the day a precious baby girl
~ Miss April Schmelzer ~
was born.

Nearly 18 months later, an event occurred 
that would shape this little girl's future, 
but she nor the little baby boy realized it.  

You see, September 24th, 1986 
was the day my brother
(and her future husband)  
~ Mr. Evan Ross ~ 
was born.

Five or six years went by before they would meet.
On that day, three children were introduced to our Sunday school class. 

 ~ Philip, April, and Paul Schmelzer ~  

I was immediately drawn to April.  She was being very shy, with her head hung low.  
I went over and took her by the hand, then the class formed a circle and prayed.  I remember thinking she was just so pretty and sweet ~ a little lady.  
I hoped she liked me, and wished we could be friends...

Sunday after Sunday, we all got to see each other at church.  I can remember weaving through churchgoers, looking for Mom after the service to ask if we could go to the Schmelzers' house ~ and if not ~ well, then could they come to our house?  So many Sundays we spent together.  The Schmelzer and Ross families blended into one big family.  Our parents were friends, April was the sister I never had, and Paul, Philip and Evan were brothers.

Years went by, and gradually we stopped asking to go spend the day at each other's houses.  We were still good friends, but there were just things that got in the way ~ homework, boy & girlfriends, Summer jobs...

Most of us eventually went our separate ways, but Evan & April continued to be friends and see each other regularly at church.  They got one another's sense of humor, and were so happy when they were together. 

Only one problem... Evan got engaged to another girl.

She was nice, and would've been welcomed in to our family.  
However, things just eventually dissolved... including their engagement.

When Evan & April started dating, I think everyone who knew them was holding their breath ~ hoping and praying they would see how naturally they just 'fit.'  
Christmas Eve of last year Evan proposed, and happily she said YES!

Ever since, plans have been made, a shower given, 
and with the wedding rehearsal tonight... that will be it.  
Tomorrow is the day.

Twenty five years ago, September 24th was a wonderful day... full of happiness that a son had been born.  I see it fitting that this was also the day chosen for Evan & April to enter in to their wedded bliss.  Another celebration, new life ~ two become one, and so much happiness for them both.

I cannot wait to see their happily ever afters... 
because, unlike the end of a beautiful movie or book, this is not 'The End,' 
it's merely another beginning!

         " the beginning of all things, 
         hope, a dream of possibilities..."

May you be blessed 
beyond even 
your own  
hopes & dreams... 

Love ~ your sister


  1. oh this is so touching, and romantic. Who doesn't love a wedding? Thanks for sharing this beautiful couple's story.

  2. Christine ~ they are such a special couple :) Happy I could share their story, and everything was beautiful at the wedding... from the bride to the weather! What an amazing day :)

  3. This is all so beautiful and touching. I've read your last few posts with interest. There is nothing quite as exciting as a family wedding!
    What a beautiful tribute this is! You guys sound like a very beautiful family! One of those Tender blessings we often take for-granted, right?

    I'm glad you can't see me sniffling, sneezing and coughing as I write this! I suddenly got hit with a major cold. This is the third or fourth day say I hope I'm feeling more like my regular self soon.

    Two of my brother-in-law's families and my parents were all on separate vacations in your state this week. Rather ironic...none of them connected in any way:)

    Have a blessed Sunday...and relaxing after a wedding:) Enjoy the left-overs!

  4. Janet ~ oh, the wedding was perfect! April came down the aisle to "Going to the Chapel of Love." Growing up, she used to sing that song all the time!! Her aunt officiated, and kept everyone laughing instead of crying. It was just such a happy day :)

    I'm so sorry you're sick :( It's getting to be that time of year again. I was thinking the other day that I'll be getting my flu vaccine again soon... hope you are on the mend!

    Just curious ~ what did everyone come to Ohio to see? Hope they enjoyed their trips :)

    Let's both take it easy today ~ it is a day of rest for a reason, right?

  5. Megan, You are so sweet. I am taking it easy today. My parents came through Ohio on their way to The Creation Museum...does that make sense? I think my mom said its on the border of Ohio and Kentucky.
    My one brother-in-law is a tractor-pull junkie. He brought his whole family with him to a tractor pull!!! and his wife said they all loved it:)

    My other brother-in-law is a cash-cropper and custom-sprayer. He gets a lot of trips given to him. Was there a big farm show there this past week? That is where he said they went.

  6. Oh yes, the Farm Science review... I've been there a few times with my husband (once when I was pregnant ~ not the best idea, as it is A LOT of walking)... if you're in to farming it's definitely the place to be! My husband went with his younger brother and father this past Thursday.

    My husband & his family are also in to tractor pulls, and I think there's a very big one held in Toledo, but I was thinking that was over already... not sure though. My son loves watching tractor pulling on YouTube. In the grocery store, my husband will put Zachary in the cart and rev it up like he's in a tractor pull ;)

    I've heard of the Creation Museum, but haven't been there yet. A few members of our church went last year, and they said it was awesome.


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.”

~ Mother Teresa