Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

"Babies are always more trouble than you thought
...and more wonderful."

~ Charles Osgood ~

"My mother had a great deal of trouble with me,
  but I think she enjoyed it." 

~ Mark Twain ~

"A father is someone 
who carries pictures in his wallet  
where his money used to be."
~ Unknown ~


  1. The first photo was taken when my dad was about 1 year old... I darkened it slightly so you could see more detail.

    The second photo was taken in front of my great-grandma & grandpa Ross' home (it's since burned down). My dad's entire immediate family is in it: back row left to right ~ James, Janet, Grandma (Norma), Grandpa (Leonard 'Jim'), and Joan. Front ~ Gary (dad), Randall, Doris & Elaine. Notice grandma's hand on my dad's shoulder... he was in trouble ;)

    The last photo is my personal favorite ~ thank you Mom for capturing such a sweet moment :)

  2. Hi Meghan,This post is so lovely and tender...the last photo in particular put a lump in my throat,I love the quotes you choose too.Blessings,Lucy.

  3. I enjoyed this post so much! All the pictures are great but that last one really is ' a picture worth a thousand words'! I'm thinking your first quote might apply to teenagers too:)
    The middle picture made me smile .esp. your explanation for mom's hand. the names James and Janet caught my eye since that is me and my husband's names.

    My grandpa had a birthday on this day. It's funny how certain dates always make us remember even long after they are gone.
    Also love the way you signed your post,
    very special.

  4. Thank you Lucy & Janet ~ I always enjoy reading your feedback :) Mom & I had the watercolor painting from 'An Evening Walk' framed for Dad's birthday... Dad is artistic, and we've always shared that love for art and nature as a father/daughter bond. The last picture actually reminds me of how we used to take walks down the road together, especially in autumn to look at the colors...

    Janet ~ I'm thinking you're right, the first quote definitely applies to teens! The second picture recently showed up on facebook. My aunt Joan was the one that said Grandma never liked that photo because she was mad at Gary :) Aunt Elaine said she remembers being told to look up and smile at the camera (with the bright sunlight in their eyes)... yeah right!

    Yes, there are definitely certain dates that will always stand out in our minds... funny all the coincidences with names & dates ~ love it!

    Thanks again J&L (that's the name of my Aunt Janet's business too...) Goodnight!


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.”

~ Mother Teresa