Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Morning Glory ~ Clip art & Printable

Morning glory are one of my favorite flowers... then again,
I do have quite a few favorites.  I've tried growing
pink and purple varieties, but classic blue is still the best,
at least in my opinion.  Maybe it's because it's harder
to find that color in the garden...

After coming across the beautiful antique postcard above, I felt inspired to create clip art based directly on the vintage artwork.  I lightly traced the image in pencil right off my computer screen, then scanned and digitally enhanced it.

 Next, I surrounded the flowers with a beautiful border.  It was from a book published in 1840: "New Specimens of Cast Metal Ornaments and Wood Types."
This is the result of me playing around with copy & paste...  After realizing I'd created a morning glory vine, I came up with a lattice background to support the flourishing flowers.
It's a full page printable, ready for coloring.

Christine requested to see
a morning glory I'd painted.
I used watered-down acrylics.
Hope you like it!

Hope you liked these images!
I'll have more for you this week...
Stop by again soon!


  1. Love that! My name is Gloria and I sometimes get called "Morning Glory". This would make a great stencil!

    1. I love "Morning Glory" as a nickname for Gloria :) Never thought to use it as a stencil ~ great idea!

  2. I also love morning glory,I haven't grown them in a few years because the last time for some odd reason they never bloomed!!! The vine was so big and heavy it actually broke the trellis it was growing up...but no blooms? Obviously there was something lacking in the soil... I plan on trying them again this year. gardening is a good exercise in optomism :)

    1. Hello Lucy! The first year I grew morning glory the vines went crazy and there were blue blooms covering the entire side of the porch, like a screen ~ it was gorgeous! The next year, it was totally opposite. What I've learned: start the seeds indoors in a sunny window, transplant outside after you're sure it's going to stay warm, and don't fertilize much ~ they like poor soil. Also ~ too much nitrogen makes the plant produce strong vines and leaves, but it's not good for blooms. I'm sorry, I love talking about morning glory & gardening! Better stop now :)

  3. Hi Megan. I found your blog from another's and it is lovely! Such beautiful tags that you've made and thank you for your generosity.



    1. Thank you for the compliments :) Have a great day!

  4. I'd love to see you colour it too!

  5. Thank you for the beautiful morning glory pictures and the advice about gardening with them. I will have to remember about the poor soil and not too much nitrogen. Your blog is wonderful.

  6. Thank you for that great info, and please don't apologize. You can never talk too long about gardening, in my opinion.:)

  7. Thanks for sharing your creations!!

  8. I do like it, I love the soft colours!

  9. wow i love the Morning Glory! TFS!


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