Monday, December 5, 2011

Vintage Christmas Printable

An early Christmas gift for you...
a sweet Christmas printable!
 This collage would make a nice gift for yourself or another!
See the results I've had below...

Right click and select 'view image.'
Click again to enlarge the picture.
Select 'save image as' to save to your computer.
This digital collage measures 8"x10"

This frame used to contain a piece of slate ~ a child's chalkboard.
My kids cracked the slate awhile ago, but I kept the wooden frame
for a future project.  The paper was cut down and taped to the back.


This was a thrift store frame.  I kept the frame's gray finish and 
used silver on the collage to make them look better together.  
I had fun looking through my old button stash too...

Thanks for stopping by, and...

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!


  1. Sources for the layers in this collage:

    Softly Aged Sepia texture:

    Sheet music:



    Note ~ the 'Let it Snow' layer was my handwriting, and the postcard was scanned from my collection :)

    Hope you'll check out these wonderful resources!

  2. Just today I discovered your lovely blog. It's written so sweetly. And your art and verse selections are wonderful. I'd love to try my hand at some digital art, too. Would it be too bold for me to ask what program you use to create your designs?

    1. Hi Diane! Thank you for such sweet compliments :) Everything I use on this site is free, from the graphics to the program I use to create my digital art... GIMP. Here's the link for download:

      If you ever have questions I'll try my best to help :) I love creating digital art ~ hope you do to!


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