Monday, May 16, 2011

Everything's Coming up... Dandelions!

What is JOY Think simple.  Think back to your childhood.  Any dandelion memories come to mind?  The other day I happened to look out on our pasture only to see hundreds of dandelions.  Not the yellow ones, but the silvery-gray kind.  The fun kind.

So I took my son by the hand and led him out to the field.  I was sure he'd done it before, but I showed him what to do with the big puff balls.  He laughed and plucked a few for himself.  One, two, three... BLOW!!  The wispy seeds floated up, up, up... carried away haphazardly by a passing breeze.  He went to another spot and another, on and on.

Later my daughter wanted to join in the fun, so we all walked back to the field.  They were both running around... full of giddy laughter and childish delight.  In fact, they were having so much fun, for awhile they forgot that I was even there.  

It gave me an opportunity to just step back and be in the moment.  What a beautiful gift to just soak up a little of their happiness, innocence and wonder.  Wouldn't it be amazing if we could see the world as through a child's eyes?


No matter our age, we can still possess some child-like qualities... our innocence may be lost, but must our happiness and sense of wonder go with it?

As for me, I choose to be joyful.  I will play in the rain, have an adventure or two, and make a few discoveries along the way.  It's not hard to find joy.  Well, at least it isn't ~ as long as there are a few dandelions nearby...

So go ahead... get out there 
and spread a little JOY of your own... today!!


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~ Mother Teresa