Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In Dreamful Autumn

Pale amber sunlight falls across
The reddening October trees...
Are we not better and at home
In dreamful Autumn?

~ Ernest Dowson ~

Here are the free graphics &
used in my artwork:

*Boston Public Library on Flickr*
Boston Brewery Poster c. 1880

*Lost and Taken*
Grungy wallpaper texture

*Old Design Shop*
Back of French postcard 

*MudBay Images*
1792 Farm sale document

*Lilac & Lavender*
"Antiqued" lined paper
Back of postcard

The sheet music is from
my personal collection, c. 1940.

"Catch a vista of maples
in that long light and you see Autumn
glowing through the leaves..."

Hal Borland ~


  1. Gorgeous fall leaves in these pieces of art! Thanks again.♥♫

  2. Just gorgeous! Thank you.

  3. Das sind wunderschöne Collagen, vielen Dank und liebe Grüße.

  4. thank you for these gorgeous images

  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! this is my all time favorite time of year! I just love your work!:) Sandy

  6. Thanks a lot for these beautiful images! I like very much Autumn, especially because the colors of the season. Hugs!

  7. These are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  8. Hi Megan, so nice to see you still creating and sharing.
    Bless you.

  9. These are beautiful Megan! Thank you so much!!!

  10. Hey, your graphics are beautiful! Willing to use them in their work :) How do I use - I will link :)

  11. Love the quotes and the beautiful artwork you have created. I love the fall season with all the brilliant colors and such a wonderful time of the year. Thank you for creating and for sharing these lovely images and have a great weekend. Would love these images on a round circle one. Ya know I love the round circle ones. Thanks...

  12. These are beautiful - thank you so much

  13. How beautiful, Megan! The vivid reds are stunning! Thank you.: ) xoxo

  14. Beautiful autumn colors. Thanks for sharing.

  15. My favorite season and my favorite colors of the season! Thanks so much for these beautiful graphics!

  16. Love your blog, love the freebies

  17. I love your creations - thank you!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely pics, your Blog is gorgeous.
    Warmest wishes

  19. This too came out totally stunning :-) I wan't to be your apprentice in picture Is all this done in PS, or do you combine with other software?

    Gunnvor Karita

    1. Hi Gunnvor :) I'm humbled by your compliment! I sort of just stumbled upon digital art, and didn't know if I'd be good at it, or if I'd even stick with it... so I downloaded GIMP, which was/is free instead of buying PS. I probably don't even use half the features ~ I just play around with a set few to get the look I need. Would love to have some formal training, and possibly invest in PS in the future!

    2. Admittedly, though ~ it took several hours to separate the leaves from the poster background ;) I knew it'd be worth it! Also, thank you for directing me to the Boston Public Library's Flickr images!! Without you, this artwork wouldn't have been created :)

    3. Awww :-) You just put a big smile on my face :-) I knew there had to be more peeps out there that would enjoy BPL on Flickr. They are huge on Open Library too, I'm seriously considering sending a letter of appreciation to their department of digitalizing antique material!!! I'm the first one to appreciate the hours and hours that was put into scanning aligning and cropping, and then organizing, uploading, captioning and keeping track of everything...

      And tell me about separating neat graphics from the backgrounds!!! I usually do it when I need something totally mindless where I can more or less flatline the brain... works almost like therapy after a long day for me ;-) Did you see my Jumping Lady ? That one tiny gif was a whole weekend (probably close to 30hours) of editing :-P All we do for art and to pursue inspiration when it!!

      I have not tried Gimp, but I have heard design-friends say that once you know your way around one editing software, you can adapt to others quite easily ;-) But PS is way too expensive (in Norway at least) to buy just for fun. If Gimp works well, I'd stick with it. When my very old mac is no longer with us (any day now...) I will not be able to replace my student copy of PS, Illustrator and Indesign, so I might have to try Gimp myself then :-)

      Can you import PS-files to GIMP, and get the layers and all? (Like the ones I uploaded to you on my google drive?) If not, what types of files will Gimp read? I was thinking to upload some more of my templates and ps-files to that folder, but no point in doing that unless your software can actually read it...?

      from Gunnvor Karita

  20. Hi
    I love the autumn stationary set - thank you!
    love your website


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