Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friendship's Garden

"In friendship's fragrant garden,
There are flowers of every hue.
Each with its own fair beauty
And its gift of joy for you." 

~ Friendship's Garden ~

Don't those blooms look so nice in winter?
I took these photos in my gardens last year, 
knowing that sometime I'd need to see a little
reminder of what will eventually return 
after the snow and ice melts...

Thank you for stopping by today!
Hope you're having a Sweet Saturday!


  1. Here's the names of flowers in the photos, listed from top to bottom:

    1. nasturtium (from 'jewel mix' seeds)
    2. yellow azalea
    3. blue delphinium (purple salvia in background)
    4. hot pink peony
    5. red daylily
    6. orange daylily (commonly "ditch lily")
    7. black-eyed Susan
    8. white butterfly bush ~ complete with butterfly! (pink gladolius in background)

    Love them all!

    1. The name of the red daylily is "Strutter's Ball"... couldn't think of it yesterday!

    2. AnonymousJuly 20, 2012

      Thank you for sharing your "Friendship's Garden" photos. I took similar pics two years ago of a garden that was untended. They're beautiful. I've wanted to print them and send them to the owner and say "Bet you didn't know you had such a beautiful garden, did you?"

    3. Hello ~ I love that you found beauty in an "imperfect" garden... what a great idea to send the photos to the owner. You may just open their eyes! There is an old farmhouse I often drive by, and I'm always amazed at the beautiful flowers still managing to peek through the weeds... you can tell it used to be a well-tended, cared for property. I enjoy looking for the flowers and imagining the potential, or what it might've looked like years ago...

  2. what a beautiful garden you must have! And it's a cold one out there today whew!

    1. Thank you Christine :) It is a cold one, and snowy as well...

  3. I'm so glad you did. Now is the time of year when we need to be reminded of the beauty in the dirt/snow. These photos are stunning. thank-you for including the names of each variety. Are the drops dew or rain? i like those especially.

    1. Thank you Janet ~ I took the picture of the nasturtium first thing in the morning... its rounded leaves are perfect for collecting water droplets. They remind me of lily pads on a pond.

      The picture of the orange daylily was taken right after a rain shower had passed... sunlight was coming through the clouds so I ran outside and took pictures :)

  4. Wonderful garden!
    You're a very good photographer!

    1. Thank you ~ I inherited a green thumb from my Dad and grandma... never really enjoyed taking photos until I started taking them of my garden!

  5. oh what a wonderful feast for the eyes Megan!!!! I am so happy when I see these gorgeous blooms!!!! Thank you for sharing these with everyone!!!

    1. It makes me happy to be able to share my garden with you :)

  6. Stunning!!!Thank you for the garden tour!!:)


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.”

~ Mother Teresa