Thursday, July 14, 2011

Precious Little Gifts

   If you've ever been around young children, you've probably received one or two of their hand-picked bouquets.  Clasped in tiny, chubby fingers... they're a gift of love from a little one wishing for nothing in return ~ except what we give them anyway... a kiss, a hug, a "Thank you so much, these are just beautiful!" 

    How many times have you taken those carefully gathered flowers and moments later, for whatever reason, placed them on the ground to wither?  Tiny, precious gifts quickly and simply forgotten.

Those precious little gifts are just like God's blessings.

   Little blessings you're grateful for in one moment, and forget about in the next.  Don't let all those precious little gifts go to waste.  Take time to notice and appreciate the moments in life that make you say, "Thank You so much, that was just beautiful!"  Let God know you appreciate even His smallest intervention in your day.
  You'll find the small things add up...

   Maybe the next time a child bounds over to you with a bouquet to hold... instead of setting it aside, take the time to place it in water.  Remember what it stands for... because it's actually one of God's precious little gifts too.


  1. My mom had a special vase just for those little flowers I'd bring her. It was very tiny and very ornate, just perfect for the fistfulls of clover or myrtle I'd find. I've always secretly hoped she'd give it to me someday when I have chidlren of my own so I can continue putting those little gifts in a place of honor.

  2. What a precious idea. Such a thoughtful mother to have a special vase for her children's bouquets. Thanks for sharing Rebecca... and I hope you get that vase very soon :)

  3. Hi Megan,
    By reading your post, I couldn't help crying, but those were tears of joy, because I remembered countless times when I got small flowers bouquets from them. I used to save each and every one of them in a box. Unfortunately when we moved to an other country, I could not bring them with me. My daughters are now 23 and 18 y.o., but the memories are engraved in our hearts forever. Today my youngest daughter, remembered those days when she used to give me flowers, and then I could see a beautiful smile on her face just to remember that box full of dried flowers.
    Thank you for this beautiful post
    Laura :0)


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.”

~ Mother Teresa