Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Recipes and One Spicy Story

Dutch Apple Pie

This variation of apple pie features a crumb topping.  All apples are not created equal ~ each has its own purpose.  A few good varieties for pie are Golden Delicious and Granny Smith.  This recipe only requires a bottom crust, so I've also included a recipe for the simple treat Grandma Leasure used to make with the extra dough.  Enjoy! 

Perfect pie crust (only need the 2 crust version, so 1/2 recipe)

6 c. sliced apples
3/4 to 1 c. sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
2 Tbsp flour

Mix all ingredients and place in an unbaked 9" pie crust.  Prepare crumb topping:

1/2 c. butter
1/2 c. brown sugar
1 c. flour

Using 2 knives, cut the butter in to the sugar and flour.  When thoroughly combined, sprinkle over apple filling.  Bake at 350` for 50 minutes.


Okay, now for the fun part... before I share Grandma's recipe, I have a funny family story to share.  It involves Aunt Arlene, Uncle Don, and one spicy 'cinnamon' roll.  

Grandma Leasure had made a one-crust pie of some sort, and there was leftover dough.  Arlene, about 9 at the time, was told she could fix the sweet treat always made with extra dough... a cinnamon roll.  She prepared it with care, and placed it in the oven.  

With seven kids in the family, whoever got to this treat first usually took it and ate as much as they could, even if it made them sick...  

This time, my uncle, known to many as 'Big' Don, happened to walk in to the kitchen as the roll finished baking.  Arlene proudly set out her creation to cool, and Don quickly claimed it.  He took a bite.  At first Arlene thought he really liked it... until his eyes started turning bright red, and then his face.   He threw it down, and started chasing her.  Out the door and down the street they ran - for two blocks!  All the while she had no idea what was going on... until he said her cinnamon roll was a 'hot & spicy' version.  Once back home, she realized instead of cinnamon, she'd accidentally substituted chili powder!  He thought she'd done it on purpose to get at him.  Love that story! 

Cinnamon Roll

A simple, but delicious way to make use of your extra pie crust.  No exact measurements here.  Trust me, it'll be alright... just make sure you grab cinnamon...

Leftover dough (one pie crust)
Softened butter
Cinnamon + sugar

Roll out dough in a circle, as if for a pie crust.  Spread enough softened butter to cover pastry.  Mix cinnamon and sugar, and sprinkle generously over butter.  Roll and secure pastry edge with a little water.  Fold ends of dough under the roll and place on foil.  Place foil with roll on oven rack while baking your pie.  **Note: If the pie requires a higher temperature just in the beginning, as with pumpkin pie, place the cinnamon roll in after the temperature has been lowered.**  Cool on a rack, slice, and enjoy!

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